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Product 4 era of intelligent security products, what to think about?

At the moment whether it is affected by the new technology such as artificial intelligence, deep learning, or to seek further changes in user pain points, product design and product marketing has entered a new path of innovation, in the new hardware Forum recently, some outstanding entrepreneurs and researchers also have the hardware innovation products 4 times for a study and do some thinking based on the development of speech and the experts of the security industry.


Intelligent products to talk about what

In recent years, if the product is not with "intelligent" two words, often can become the talk of the people, but consumers and users for the "smart" understanding and acceptance, did not achieve the desired effect, it is because the product of intelligent degree is low, the second is the scenario is not ideal.

The history of the development of review of the product, the product 1 refers to the tool products, in the Impergium, the best-selling daily work is mainly to solve the problems, such as the saw carts, etc., in the industrial era, in the new energy driven, best-selling products into a steam engine driving the train etc.. With the invention of power and semiconductor, the motor and electronic technology have brought the era of high technology, and formed the era of "2 times" and "kinetic energy products" represented by various household appliances and electronic products. To nearly twenty years, with the popularity of computers, smart phones become best-selling products, driven by the Internet and mobile Internet, product 3 era kicked off, also known as the era of intelligent products.

But with mobile phone entered the mature stage of slow growth, intelligent Home Furnishing praised the coexistence of intelligent wearable products lost phenomenon, can let a person feel vaguely began to take the road to 3 allocated to the era of intelligent. Some say the cause of this tragedy is that appliances and consumer electronics in the 2 age have dominated the market for household necessities, and that smart products can only be dispensable. But the fact is not so simple, back to nature to see this problem can be found, all selling products must be meet the rigid demand, and rigid human needs can be divided into two categories: one is to increase the personal energy or ability of the product, the two is free to move products, so the 4 must be integrated innovation kinetic energy and intelligence, such as the current robot.

Therefore can predict the future product design must be set of kinetic energy, wisdom, moving in a body, and through its own network function, realize the function of things. Many experts predict that when this step mature, into the Internet of things, product 5 era is really coming, smart home, smart city, smart medical and so on can be achieved.

Theoretically, everything is in accordance with its own law of development, so it has been for decades of propaganda or other intelligent application of intelligent Home Furnishing, actually belong to the "future concept" category, so no surprise is a natural thing, because the intelligent time falls far is not mature.

New hardware product design and upgrading of the road

About hardware product design and marketing to upgrade the road, 000 magic acoustic co-founder Lin Baiqing believes should focus on brand promotion, channel upgrade category upgrade, the three dimensions of cognitive upgrade.

Fu Sheng proposed cognitive upgrade, there are several stages:

Don't know -- think we know what are the cognitive state, opinionated.

Know they don't know -- have awe, began to empty cup mentality, to enrich their knowledge.

Know oneself know -- seize the things the law, enhance their cognition.

Don't know oneself know -- always keep the empty cup mentality, the highest level of cognition.

In brand promotion, enterprises must clearly know their current and future customers, to intelligent hardware market as an example, the future with the development of the city, the 300 million middle class population will become the market mainstream consumer groups, the total population and the scale when in the United States that is equivalent to Japan, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, South Korea's total population. At the same time, the group will be 90 and 00, in this context, if the traditional enterprise product design and marketing does not own a new thinking, it is easy to lose the future of the main user groups, to brand as the market continues to change.

In category upgrade, the pursuit of quality is the eternal theme, but with improved quality of life, the pursuit of health and the pursuit of life has become a key requirement and the quality of the racing together bridle to bridle. These three elements should be fully taken into account in future product design.

In the channel upgrade, Ma once said two words, one is the future of the world belongs to the use of the Internet business, the two is the future without electricity providers, also revealed the future direction of the channel upgrade. The traditional enterprises should think about is how to use Internet technology, not just to sell their products through electronic business platform, the future must be combined with the line through the data channel to promote offline, allow enterprises to firmly grasp the trend of consumption upgrade, grasp the initiative in product design and marketing.

Thinking about the security market

An important part of Home Furnishing intelligent home security as indispensable, has been an important market for enterprise security concerns, but still not Home Furnishing and intelligent, which can truly understand the market. The author believes that the timing and technology is still not mature enough, for users, although security is a rigid demand, but the form of safety products is not, in the product 4 stage, consumer classSecurity ProductsThe design must have a new bright spot, perhaps there will be a product known as explosive products will appear.

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